How do I become a member?

Just fill out the information on the special membership page.

You are not able to login because your password is not accepted or you lost track of it or you have not yet one created.

EADSM does noet store your password in its database because of?privacy reasons. This is furthermore not necessary since you can simply request a new password by clicking the question mark just beneath the login fields. You can thereafter change your password in your MyEADSM section.
Do note that sometimes this automatically generated password is directed to your spam-mail, depending on the settings of your internet security.

Does one need to present a panoramic x-ray picture of each patient? Is this considered to be a mandatory procedure by EADSM?

Please act according to national regulations when RX is concerned and mention this as a general remark at the beginning of your file.

The requirements for the cases that need to be presented is that the patients should have an inclusion AHI > 10 and post treatment < 10 with a reduction of at least 50%. In one case with a patient with AHI 31 prior to treatment and of 5 post treatment, in the supine position patient went from 53 to 13 which is still over 10. Does also the supine position AH need to be < 10 ? Or is it the overall AHI that counts ?

No, just look at the overall AHI since it is not common practice yet that both supine and non-supine need to be below 5/hr.

What should I do when I got a message from EADSM telling me an invoice is overdue, while it is definitely not?

Please discard any message related to your invoice being overdue. There is a bug in the web-based administration software. This overdue-module is now deactivated while we wait for a fix. In the mean time just pay your invoices within the 30 days window.

EADSM e-mail message arrives in SPAM-folder

Please check carefully your settings of your e-mailaccount with respect to handling of incoming messages. Allow EADSM e-mail messages to be delivered in your inbox. On persistence of this problem please consult your IT-manager.

How do I upload a file for the accreditation?

Login to the EADSM website: https://eadsm.eu.
You fill in your login name and password. Your password is only known to you, but in case you don't remember, please follow the link "lost my password" to create a new one.
Once logged in, you are automatically directed to your my EADSM page. Go to the section "upload files here" and click "browse". Please do select category "accreditation". Just make sure that your file is not too big. The maximum filesize is 5 Mb.

I want to access the online version of Sleep & Breathing.

Before you can login to Sleep & Breathing, you must have the?status of accredited member or full member. Once you have obtained such status you will find on your "MyEADSM" personal page the access codes required. Please follow the instructions to register for Sleep & Breathing as summerised in the following document: click this link