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EADSM Expert rewarded with EADSM Fellowship will be granted provided the applicant can prove clinical excellence in dental sleep medicine after being granted EADSM Accreditation. A non-refundable application fee of 350.- will be required in order to be eligible to sit for the EADSM Expert examination. Your application will only be assessed on receipt of the full examination fee and a strict adherence to application deadlines will be adopted. The examination will be judged on ‘template assessment’ only and no ‘face to face’/’viva’ examination will take place.


All submissions in English and please do note that EADSM will not take care of translations. The EADSM case presentation template is obligatory to be used for all 10 patients (Click here for a preview) and can be downloaded via your “MyEADSM” after your registration and acceptance for the EADSM Expert evaluation.?The candidates need to use this template provided in Word-format for easy scanning and assessment for each patient separately. All cases subsequently to be sent as pdf-format and all cases need to be suitable anonymised.

Ten (10) separate cases have to be submitted, strictly adhering to the following case submission criteria, each case to be clearly identified as either:

a. routine case (7-8 cases)
b. severe case (2 severe cases are mandatory)
c. unresponsive case (1 unresponsive case is optional)

Word count 2000 per case.

The clinical cases must closely adhere to the following criteria:

  • All 10 patients will have to provide signed informed consent as per separate form (can be downloaded via your MyEADSM) and the original and properly signed forms will have to be submitted in scan (color, to be uploaded in your MyEADSM) as well as per ordinary mail to the EADSM secretary.
    • The informed consent may not allow for identification of a submitted individual case
    • EADSM reserves the right to directly contact the patients that have given their informed consent without any in advance notification
  • All cases to have a pre treatment AHI >10/hr confirmed by PSG / overnight polygraphy
  • Post treatment AHI should be <10/hr and reduced by at least 50% with subjective improvements in associated symptoms such as snoring and EDS
  • Post treatment PSG / polygraphy required
  • Nationally accepted treatment guidelines and/or limitations will be considered (i.e use of limited channel ambulatory polygraphy)
  • Results of limited channel polygraphy must be interpreted by a Respiratory Physician (written confirmation)
  • Combination therapy unacceptable for these cases
  • Details of follow up assessments must be included
  • Long term follow up assessments and evaluation essential (minimum 6 months at the time of submission of the cases)
  • 2 cases must have mod-severe OSA (AHI >20/hr) showing a post treatment AHI <10/hr and reduced by at least 50% with subjective improvements in associated symptoms such as snoring and EDS. Within this group, one unsuccessful case may be described subject to full analysis of the reasons for treatment failure, options for treatment and treatment provided
  • Detailed outline of all patient data to be recorded including details of photos, radiographs and study casts etc. Patient’s informed consent for the relief of the photos is mandatory, an example of such informed consent can be downloaded from your “MyEADSM”.
  • Copies of original documents to be included (i.e. Respiratory Physician letters and polygraphy reports) together with translations into English


Notification of outcome

  • Candidate results will be communicated by email after the examiners meeting
  • EADSM Expert once obtained needs be to maintained via the EADSM Accreditation cycle.


You need to be an ‘EADSM Accreditation’s accredited member to apply for the EADSM Expert exam. If you do not qualify yet, subscribe now for the EADSM accreditation exam/equivalence, otherwise fill out the below form. You will be given the possibility to attach files to your application form, so have these ready on your local computer.
You need to register for the exam including submission of the required documents prior to submitting the 10 patient cases
. For more details on the subsequent timing, check the menu item “timing“.
All your documents, invoices, registration forms will remain available for you on your personal my EADSM for your convenience.

Registration Fee

The non-refundable registration fee for the EADSM Expert exam is 350.-, for which you will receive an invoice. After receipt of your payment, the examination Board will proceed with your request.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or want more information.


Registration form for EADSM Expert exam

subscription form for the EADSM Expert exam
  • Please confirm the following terms:

    1. 1. Upload the required number of cases. You can upload the file(s) through MyEADSM
    2. 2. Please confirm payment of € 350,00 to be carried out before the EADSM examination board will proceed with your request.
    I do accept the above mentioned terms (tick the above box).