accreditation EADSM


Registration for the EADSM Accreditation exam needs to be effective at the latest 60 days prior to the actual date of the exam: for 2020 this must be carried out prior to 15.02.2020
Candidates need to bring their personal laptop to the exam. The exam will distributed via an electronic learning platform “BlackBoard”. Specific instructions on how to connect to “BlackBoard” will be provided once the registration is open and the candidates have fulfilled all prerequisites.

Registration for the EADSM Expert, including the submission of all required files in English (see requirements), is now available after restructuring of the EADSM Expert exam trajectory. The most relevant change is that the judgement is based on submitted cases and no vivas are required.

The Examination Committee on the EADSM Expert exam will grade the submissions for the expert level, granting a “Accepted”, “Needs Revision” or “Do not resubmit this present year” message to be sent to the candidate upon deliberation.
Do not resubmit this present year” means that the EADSM Expert exam resubmission will be requested for the?year thereafter; some advice on areas of weakness could be given.
Needs revision” requires the submissions to be revised within 2 months after notification of the result, eventually requiring additional information to be provided by the candidate. A renewed assessment as detailed above by the examination committee will follow and the candidate is informed about this.
Accepted” indicates that the candidate has passed the requirements for EADSM Expert and fellowship status will be granted. The successful candidate will need to give a short presentation on one of his/her case templates to the next EADSM conference audience. That case will be chosen by the board and the audience will be encouraged to ask questions. The candidate will also be invited to give a short presentation on the national status of dental sleep medicine at the same time and will be able to attend that meeting without registration costs.