SomnoMed is a global organisation that is improving the sleep health of patients suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA), by providing clinically proven diagnostic and treatment options. Worn during sleep, SomnoDent oral devices fit over the upper and lower teeth and treat OSA by moving the lower jaw slightly forward. This forward movement keeps the airway open, preventing apnoeas during sleep.

SomnoMed has one passion: to help people across the globe to sleep better and live longer, healthier lives.

Having celebrated over 15 years of business, SomnoMed has a history of innovation and is committed to connecting physicians and dentists to help improve the lives of obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) patients worldwide. The introduction of SomnoDent offered an evidence-based, comfortable alternative to CPAP for the first time.

Now, over 550,000 SomnoDent sleep apnoea devices have been fitted worldwide in the treatment of mild to moderate OSA. These patients, across the globe, have returned to a more restful sleep and re-energized day with the help of a SomnoDent oral device.

SomnoMed’s consistent focus on improvements in health technology and best quality products makes them a leader in their field. You are invited to experience the new SomnoDent AVANT in the video below…

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